5 Best USB-C Podcasting Microphones

I've got the scoop on the top 5 USB-C podcasting microphones. Did you know that USB-C mics offer faster data transfer and improved sound quality? In this article, I'll walk you through the best options to take your podcasting game to the next level. From the compact Rode NT-USB Mini to the versatile Blue Yeti X, we've got you covered. Get ready to sound professional and make a lasting impact with these top-notch microphones.

Rode NT-USB Mini

In my experience using the Rode NT-USB Mini for podcasting, I've found it to be a reliable and versatile microphone. With its USB-C connectivity, it offers a convenient and hassle-free setup. The USB-C port ensures a fast and stable connection, allowing for seamless recording and streaming. The compact design of the microphone is another standout feature. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up in different recording environments. Despite its size, the Rode NT-USB Mini delivers impressive sound quality. It captures clear and crisp audio with its directional cardioid pickup pattern, effectively reducing background noise. The microphone also comes with a built-in pop filter, minimizing plosive sounds for a professional and polished podcasting experience. Additionally, the microphone features a headphone output with zero-latency monitoring, enabling real-time audio monitoring while recording. Overall, the Rode NT-USB Mini is a reliable and versatile microphone that offers excellent USB-C connectivity and a compact design, making it a great choice for podcasters on the go.

Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB

Continuing the discussion on USB-C podcasting microphones, one standout option is the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB. This microphone offers USB C connectivity options, making it a versatile choice for podcasters who want to connect directly to their USB C-equipped devices. Here are some key features that set the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB apart in the ATR Series microphone comparison:

  • Dual USB and XLR outputs: This microphone allows you to connect to your computer via USB C or to professional audio equipment using the XLR output, giving you flexibility in your recording setup.
  • Dynamic microphone element: The ATR2100x-USB utilizes a dynamic microphone element, which is ideal for capturing clear and detailed audio, even in noisy environments.
  • Headphone jack: With a built-in headphone jack, you can monitor your audio in real-time, ensuring that your recordings sound just the way you want them to.
  • Adjustable stand mount: The microphone comes with a sturdy stand mount that can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect microphone position.
  • Included accessories: The ATR2100x-USB comes with a USB C cable, an XLR cable, and a tripod desk stand, so you have everything you need to start recording right away.

Shure MV7

The standout feature of the Shure MV7 is its versatility, making it a top choice for podcasters looking for a USB-C microphone option. When it comes to sound quality, the Shure MV7 delivers exceptional performance. With its built-in headphone jack and adjustable microphone settings, you can easily monitor and fine-tune your audio recordings to achieve professional-grade sound. The microphone features both USB and XLR connections, giving you the flexibility to connect to a computer or an audio interface.

In terms of price comparison, the Shure MV7 falls within the mid-range pricing category for USB-C microphones. While it may be slightly more expensive than some entry-level options, the MV7 offers a higher level of quality and functionality. It is worth noting that the MV7's price is justified by its exceptional sound quality and versatility. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced podcaster, the Shure MV7 is an investment that can greatly enhance the quality of your recordings. Overall, the Shure MV7 is a reliable and feature-packed USB-C microphone that delivers excellent sound quality, making it a top contender for podcasters.

Samson Q2U

After researching various USB-C podcasting microphones, I found that the Samson Q2U stands out for its impressive features and affordability. Here are some reasons why the Samson Q2U is a great choice for podcasting:

  • Versatile: The Samson Q2U is a dynamic microphone that can be used both through USB and XLR connections, giving you flexibility in your recording setup.
  • Professional sound quality: With its cardioid pickup pattern and high-quality A/D converter, the Samson Q2U captures clear and crisp audio, making your podcast sound professional.
  • Easy to use: The Q2U comes with a built-in headphone jack for real-time monitoring, and its plug-and-play functionality means you can start recording right away without any complicated setup.
  • Portable and durable: The Q2U is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go. It also comes with a sturdy tripod stand and a mic clip for added convenience.
  • Budget-friendly: Compared to other USB-C microphones on the market, the Samson Q2U offers excellent value for its price, making it a perfect option for podcasters on a budget.

Blue Yeti X

One notable USB-C podcasting microphone is the Blue Yeti X. The Blue Yeti X is a versatile microphone that offers USB C compatibility, making it easy to connect to various devices. It is packed with podcasting features that deliver professional-grade audio recordings. The microphone features a built-in headphone amplifier, allowing for real-time monitoring of your audio. Additionally, the customizable LED lighting adds a touch of personalization to your setup. The Blue Yeti X also offers microphone gain control and a mute button, giving you full control over your recording. With its multi-pattern selection, you can easily switch between cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo modes, depending on your recording needs. The microphone comes with an adjustable stand, providing flexibility and convenience during your podcasting sessions. Thanks to its plug and play functionality, the Blue Yeti X is incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and experienced podcasters alike. With its exceptional recording quality and user-friendly features, the Blue Yeti X is a top choice for podcasters looking for a reliable and high-performance USB-C microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use These USB-C Podcasting Microphones With Other Devices Besides My Computer?

Yes, USB-C podcasting microphones can be used with other devices besides my computer. They have great compatibility with non-computer devices and their versatility allows for alternative uses beyond podcasting.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Software Required to Use These Microphones?

To use USB-C podcasting microphones, you may need additional accessories like a USB-C to USB-A adapter, depending on your device. Setup and configuration are usually straightforward, with no special software required.

Can These Microphones Be Used for Live Streaming or Gaming Purposes?

Yes, these microphones can be used for live streaming applications and gaming. They have features that make them suitable for both. No additional accessories or software are required for this purpose.

Do Any of These Microphones Have Built-In Headphone Jacks for Monitoring Audio?

Yes, some of these microphones have built-in headphone jacks for audio monitoring. This feature allows you to listen to your recordings in real-time and make necessary adjustments while podcasting.

Are There Any Specific Recording Settings or Techniques That Work Best With These Microphones?

When it comes to recording settings and microphone techniques, it's important to find the right balance between gain and volume. Experiment with different levels to achieve optimal sound quality for your podcast.


In conclusion, these five USB-C podcasting microphones offer excellent options for podcasters seeking high-quality audio recording. For instance, the Rode NT-USB Mini, with its compact design and studio-quality sound, allows podcasters to record professional-grade episodes from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, these microphones provide the necessary tools to deliver clear and crisp audio for a captivating podcasting experience.

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